What's special about MachBizz?

When it comes to marketing qualified leads, we lead.

"In 2014, a moment happened where four passionate young data geeks with entrepreneurial dreams came together, each brimming with ideas to address a common problem in lead generation."

The result was a solution that made acquiring B2B marketing qualified leads easier than ever before.

This spark is our origin story at MachBizz. After just a few years, our global database in every category of business now contains current, detailed data for over 34 million contacts... and it's still growing. Packaged with our services in content syndication, lead nurturing and account based marketing, we bring the power of that database to surface details about buyer intent among your highest value target customers, parsing them into marketing qualified leads that we feed directly into your sales funnel.

List Quality Comes First

We continuously curate and update our lists to ensure low bounce rates for all our clients’ communications.

We are:

Passionate Data Geeks
Dedicated Entrepreneurs
Optimistic Humans
Enthusiastic Goal Achievers
Cat lovers, with a feline-friendly workplace