About Us

When it comes to ‘leads’, we lead.

We think it is necessary to tell you that we don’t just work, we live our dream with a passion. We are the team of geeks who wake up every day persevering the vision to make your businesses reach their demand market. People may be loving us as a company but here at MachBizz, we proudly introduce ourselves as a solution. Our history can be a substitute for a coffee, it’s exciting, but like we enjoy a coffee in sips, let the history be brief.

“In 2014, a moment brought four passionate young entrepreneurs to the dinner table to address a problem in a lead generation. They got a solution. In a process of building solution, our leaders brought the most enthusiastic and passionate humans under one roof to solve the hurdles in lead generation and making the accumulation of leads easier like never before.”

We are optimistic humans who always look forward to making amazing things happen. And last but not least, we are the people who won’t even mind if you bring your cat in a workplace. Indeed!!